Friday, August 21, 2009

Perks of working from home

A few of the top perks of working from home:

1. Shorts and a t-shirt; no shoes; no bra
2. Open windows
3. Music through speakers, rather than headphones
4. A clean and private bathroom
5. Dogs to pet when I need a 5 minute break
6. No distractions from my peers/advisor
7. Room to stretch
8. Pierogies with onion and pepper for lunch, enjoyed in front of a TV show rented from Netflix (no commercials!)
9. A glass of apple juice sweating on my desk
10. No commute -- I'll be sure to be home on time!

Every once and a while an opportunity arises for me to work from the house. I love these days. Admittedly, though, give me two or more in a row and I start going stir-crazy from solitude and find other activities around the house to distract me. But one day, relaxing and productive!

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Candid Engineer said...

Mmmmmm.... pierogies with onion. I do mine in butter but have never tried the pepper. My parents still buy frozen dozens for me at church events and I transport them back with me and refuse to share them with my husband (he just doesn't appreciate them as much as I do).