Friday, September 11, 2009

iPods and Dance Parties

When my sisters bought me an iPod a couple of years ago I was skeptical that it would get much use. In actuality, it's turned out to be one of the best gifts I've ever received. In addition to helping block out noisy peers when I'm trying to get work done at my desk, it's great for keeping me company when I take data. I'm a microscopist, which means that I spend a lot of my time standing around in the dark, pushing buttons and watching data accrue. To help the time pass, I listen to music and often dance around like a fool. (This also helps me stay warm as the scope room is kept very cold for the lasers.) The "door" to the microscope room is actually just a curtain, which has a velcro strip on the side to keep it closed and to seal out any light. The velcro makes some noise when pulled apart, but I'm almost certain that one of these days I'll have the music up so loud that someone will manage to get inside and catch me in the act of my one-person dance party!


Amanda said...

I do this all the time! I especially like that my lab has some mirror-like surfaces, so I can check out how cool my moves look while I dance. (Often not that cool, but I'm working on it) :)

PUI prof said...

More power to you!! When I was in grad school, I often worked late into the night and would sing at the top of my lungs while collecting data, until one night I got some strange recordings. Apparently the needles were picking up the vibration of my singing.